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Welcome to Oehler Homes, LLC. We are an independent dealership featuring Barden Building Systems. Our goal is to provide you with top quality materials to ensure that your new dream home exceeds your expectations.
Please check out our Homes in Progress page where we post photos of the new homes under construction. If you are interested in viewing these homes while they are still under construction, please call Mike Oehler today! This Clarence home is our newest feature!
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Log Homes!
We've added three lines of log homes (Economy, Panelized and Traditional) to our portfolio and one is sure to fit your budget, style, needs and land. Stop by our Log Homes page to view our favorites, then give us a call.
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Here is why the Barden Building System is unique in the industry!

  • Panelized process allows for year round construction along with a level of precision that cannot be achieved by stick building. The major assemblies of your new home are constructed in a multimillion dollar climate controlled facility using the most up-to-date technology.
  • For over 21 years, we have been operating an award winning independent dealership featuring Barden Building Systems.
  • Flexibility-You may perform any or all of the work on your new home and/or use your favorite contractors. It is up to you!
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